Helium Digital Extension Board



The Digital Extension Board connects to the Helium Atom Development Board to prototype connected products using readily available digital sensors.

The Helium Digital Extension board gives you 16 Digital input/output (I/O) pins. You can set each pin to be an input or an output pin. Input pins can be sampled to see if they're high or low. Output pins can be set to high or low from your application. Input pins can also be configured to throw an interrupt when they change, and proxy that interrupt to the Helium Atom Development Board on either INT0 or INT1. This allows you to monitor 16 digital inputs for changes and only use one interrupt line on the Development Board, while still knowing which I/O pin triggered the interrupt.

Common applications for Digital I/O include: switches or button presses, hall effect sensors, photosensors, turning LEDs on or off, driving solid-state relays, etc.

The Helium Digital Extension Board uses the SX1509. Refer to the datasheet for further information and other capabilities.

If you're looking to monitor analog sensors, or to measure voltage or current, please checkout out our Helium Analog Extension Board.

*Requires a Helium Atom Development Board for full functionality.

System Features

  • Power, ground, and analog connector for standard digital sensors
  • Zero-configuration on-boarding; automatic connection to nearest Helium Element access point when attached to Helium Atom Development Board
  • Long range dual-band wireless connectivity, switches between 2.4Ghz and sub-Ghz as required in noisy environments

Technical Specifications

(When used with Helium Atom Development Board)

Networking standards IEEE 802.15.4
Frequency Band
  • 915 MHz & 2.4Ghz (North America)
  • 868 MHz & 2.4Ghz (EU)
Security Hardware-based encryption, authentication and authorization with Helium Atom Development Board
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