Helium 4-20 Smart Sensor Adapter


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Helium’s 4-20mA Smart Sensor Adapter connects existing 4-20mA current loop sensors to the Helium Cloud, making their data available to customers via web and mobile applications.

With instant connectivity to Helium Element Access Point, the 4-20mA Smart Sensor Adapter provides network coverage to existing industrial assets, bringing the physical world online.

Helium 4-20 Smart Sensor Adapter includes a Helium Development Board, the Helium Analog Extension Board, a battery, and a plastic enclosure.

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*Requires a Helium Element for full functionality.

System Features
  • Compatible with 4-20mA industrial sensors
  • Zero-configuration on-boarding, power provided via included 1550mAh battery or existing sensor power supply
  • Sensing units and ranges configurable via Helium Dashboard
  • RGB LED to indicate fault/operational conditions
  • Long-range dual-band wireless connectivity, switches between 2.4Ghz and sub-Ghz as required in noisy environments
  • Hardware root of trust for encryption, authentication, and authorization from sensor to Helium Cloud
  • On-board antennas to increase effective network range

What is Helium?

Helium is a full stack IoT Developer Platform for designing, building and deploying enterprise-grade sensing solutions. Utilize our simple yet powerful hardware Developer Kit, a comprehensive RESTful API and a suite of software Libraries and SDKs which make developing your own sensing solutions easy.

Learn More at Helium.com

Technical Specifications

Networking standards IEEE 802.15.4
Network topology Star/hub & spoke
Frequency Band
  • 915 MHz & 2.4Ghz (North America)
  • 868 MHz & 2.4Ghz (EU)
  • Security Hardware-based encryption, authentication, and authorization
    Power Options Includes 1550mAh battery. Optionally powered via existing sensor power supply
    Security Hardware-based encryption, authentication, and authorization
  • FCC ID: 2ADMK-1
  • IC ID: 12590A-1
  • Access to Helium Dashboard

    Cost includes:

    • Secure Network Access
    • Unlimited Cloud Storage
    • Support for Hardware and Software
    • Security Patches
    • Firmware Updates
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