Helium Sensing Kit


The Helium Sensing Kit combines an Atom Development Board with a specific type of sensor, and makes it easy to start sensing and prototyping in minutes.

All Sensing Kits come pre-wired to the Atom Development Board, and with pre-made scripts, you can start sending sensor data without worrying about which sensors you need or how to get them working for your application.

Simply power the Sensing Kit on, and it will start transmitting data straight into the Helium Cloud.
Included with this pre-order:

1 x Atom Development Board
1 x Adapter custom designed for the sensor
1 x Sensor of your choice (select from the dropdown)
1 x Script loaded on the Atom Development Board to get started with your sensor
1 x Battery

Helium Element Access Point is required for full functionality (sold separately).


Sensors and Sample Applications

Environmental Sensor (Temperature/Humidity/Pressure)
  • Measure and sense temperature, humidity, and pressure in one sensor
  • Monitor rooms for abnormalities (e.g. Server Room Environment)
Hall Effect (Current)
  • Provides precise measurements of current over both AC and DC signals.
  • Detect the power-draw from any electronic equipment
LIDAR (Distance)
  • Sense proximity of objects (< 2m)
  • Detect position of windows/doors or push interrupts when people pass by.
  • Measure occupancy of vehicles and freight
Soil Moisture
  • Measure the moisture content of soil or similar substrates
  • Can be used to automate agricultural watering
  • Detect floods or overflows
9-Axis Motion Sensor
  • Measure Orientation, Movement and Acceleration, in all directions
  • Measure heading with respect to magnetic north
  • Detect speed and acceleration to build models of your machinery or objects
Load Cell Amplifier
  • Works with a variety of weight sensors to amplify current into something Helium can read.
  • Measure Cargo drops or People through pressure detection
Air Sensor
  • Detect Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs)
  • Combined, can provide an estimate of indoor air quality or IAQ.
  • Provides data to ensure your environments are properly ventilated.
PIR Motion Sensor
  • Detect body heat (<5m)
  • Fires a reading once human motion has been detected in range.
  • Works great as a traffic or occupancy monitor

Actual sensors may not reflect sensors in product images.

    Want to measure something not listed here? Head to chat.helium.com to find out what Helium can do.

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